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Track Zero: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

December 04 and 13


We believe that before having knowledge of the paths to follow, a good professional must be aligned with ethics and well familiar with the themes: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and more than that, that is able to apply this learning in their day to day and in your business practices. 

On weekends: from 3 pm to 10 pm (CET). Monday to Friday: from 6 pm to 10 pm (CET).

All sessions will be recorded in advance. 

Karina Aggarwal
Lecture: Women in India and the view on consumption and work related to the alcoholic beverages sector
The every day biases faced by women working in alcohol, which is largely a taboo in India. It is still illegal for women to work in bars in many metro states. Talking about my experience and my initiative of AQUA - Association for Equality of the Underrepresented in Alcobev. A project to increase diversity in hiring in a space where it is just 1-2% right now.
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Hélène Spitaels
Lecture: Women and beer: a role to be claimed
After finishing her master's degree in communication, she went to work for a feminist organization. Helene regularly helps organize festivals like BxlBeerFest and also works at Once in Brussels as a beer guide and sommelier, conducting beer discovery or harmonization sessions and tours to breweries.She is a member of the Pink Boots Society and is close to PBS Chapters in Benelux and France. Also an activist for women's rights both in private life and at work
Guest: Garloon Kergoulay

After working for Brasserie des Vignes and the Syndicat National des Brasseurs Indépendants (France), Garlonn is now a beer consultant. Through its "Il était une brasserie" project, it enables brewers and suppliers to meet and offers technical and strategic support for microbrewery projects. She is a member of the Pink Boots Society and wants to create the France division.

Itzela Vasquez interviews Bailey Spaulding
Lecture: Diversity and self-confidence - Believe in yourself!
A frank conversation with Bailey Spaulding, CEO of one of the oldest craft breweries founded by women in the U.S., about her journey from home brewing to CEO of Jackalope Brewing Company. Bailey talks about the importance of believing in yourself, the ability to adapt and turn in difficult times and how to move forward with determination and courage. Interview by Itzela Vasquez de Mundis, export management consultant and owner of Ancon Traders.
Indianara Dias
Lecture: BOCK's Racial Equity Day (affinity group with the AMBEV racial agenda)
Graduated in Business Administration at UFRJ, taking a postgraduate course in Marketing at Insper, People and Management Manager at Draftline (Mkt Ambev) and leader of the BOCK group
Round table
Lecture: Black Brewers

Mediated by: Madu Vitorino | Invited: Juliana Baraúna and Jaciana Melquíades

Round table
Lecture: Women's beer movements at LATAM
Dora Durán, Jéssica Martínez Ignorosa, Karen Borensztein, Andrea Huerta

The feminist movement brings in  trajectory great achievements that often go unnoticed by our eyes. However, there is still a long way to go when it comes to respecting women's rights and gender equality.

Some banners in particular of the movement deserve great attention, such as violence against women, the wage gap between genders, little female insertion in the brewer in leadership positions, cases of harassment and prejudice against women, violence in whatsApp groups. The movements in general seek to reduce the oppression of women in the sector and form a female support network among women to be / do what we want.

Round table
Lecture: The Brewing Change Collaborative
The Brewing Change Collaborative is an organization with a mission to promote diversity, equality and inclusion for people of color in the beer industry through advocacy, outreach and education
Round table
Lecture: How can we fight racism on a daily basis?

Mediation: Eduardo Sena

Participants: Sara Araújo and Diego Dias

Soon more speakers for track zero
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Track 01: Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

05 and 09 December

Aimed at beer entrepreneurs, the first track of the Beer Summit will talk about business. In this trail, the participant will follow trends, perspectives, strategies and news, in addition to attending inspiring lectures with great market entrepreneurs.

On weekends: from 3 pm to 10 pm (CET). Monday to Friday: from 6 pm to 10 pm (CET).

All sessions will be recorded in advance. 

Eduardo Sena
Lecture: Brand building on social networks and the Hora do Gole case
Advertiser with more than 15 years of experience as a creative, post-graduated in Marketing Management by ESPM, Sommelier de Cervejas, specializes in creating and producing content for social networks, writes in blogs and magazines since 2004, author of the book " Sip time, that pause between them ”, from the @horadogole profile on Instagram and the Hora do Gole podcast.
Erica Barbosa
Lecture: Onicanal Marketing: integration of online and offline beer sales
Founder of the Marketing Cervejeiro® institute, post-graduated in Digital Marketing by ESPM and Master's student in Creative Media at UFRJ, with extension in Innovation Management by FGV. Sommelière de Cervejas, Master in Styles, Brewer, Bartender and Mixologist. 9 years experience in Marketing. University professor and columnist at Revista da Cerveja.
Richard Westphal Brighenti
Lecture: Lohn's biography book. We make beers - The first years of a microbrewery
Lohn Bier Partner, Brewer and Sommelier
Flavia Didomenico
Lecture: Beer on Tourism Routes
Flavia Didomenico is a Tourism Specialist with a specialization in Tourism Planning, Management and Marketing. She is currently an entrepreneurial CEO and Founder of Startup Debandar, a digital tourism marketing platform and consultant for tourism projects and destinations.
Luana Cloper
Lecture: Data management, events and customer experience
Luana Cloper is a communicologist, specialist in Marketing and Project Management, with solid experience in the business and entertainment events market. He worked for 10 years at the French multinational GL events, being responsible for the strategic, commercial and marketing management of major events in the food service and beer segments: Sirha, Brasil Brau and Mondial de la Bière.
José Felipe Carneiro
Lecture: Fermenting dreams! The history of Wäls
Co-founder of the Wäls brewery.
Lindsay Barr
Lecture: Tips for starting a sensory panel
Lindsay Barr is a co-founder of DraftLab Sensory Software and has worked for 9 years as a specialist in sensory and consumer research at New Belgium Brewing, holds a master's degree in Food Science and Technology from UC Davis and served as chairman of the ASBC Sensory Committee for five years. In 2016, she published the Beer Flavor Map
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Markus Raupach
Lecture: Tips for a new era of online beer education
Founder and co-owner of German Bier Akademie, writer and beer sommelier from Bamberg, Germany. He has written more than 40 books on German beer culture and other related topics. Member of the European Beer Star jury. In 2012, he was awarded the "Bamberger Bierorden", a medal is given to people who have made notable contributions to the recognition of Bamberg and its unique beer culture.
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Rachel Sardine
Lecture: Content marketing: how to attract, relate and delight your customer!
Vocali agency businesswoman and journalist with an MBA in Marketing, she has almost 20 years of experience in press relations, corporate marketing and strategic planning for corporate communication for large companies and events. In the last seven years, he immersed himself in the universe of Inbound Marketing.
Marina Sá Brito Rojas
Lecture: Air transport as a solution in the transport of beers
Marina is Executive at LATAM Cargo. With experience in traceability and quality control of food, operates in the air transport of domestic cargo
Guest Raul Manzoni
Commercial Consultant at LATAM Cargo, with experience in logistics and e-commerce, operates in domestic air transport of cargo.
Leonardo Ferrari
Lecture: The craft beer market in Argentina from the perspective of the award-winning Cerveza Antares
Master in Chemical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and Master Brewer at Antares brewery
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Garrett Oliver
Lecture: How we bring our cultural background into the Brooklyn brewery
Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery and one of the greatest authorities on the subject of beer. Organizer of more than 700 tasting and harmonization events in twelve countries in the past two decades, he is perhaps best known for his award-winning book The Table of the Master Brewer. His main occupation is the creation of The Brooklyn Brewery's respected range of beers.
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Round table
How can your beer have a socio-environmental impact?
Carolina Oda will be the mediator in this round table with 3 brewers who are concerned with the use of local inputs and / or with less impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Participants: Fabricio Almeida - Cervejaria Zalaz | Cris Gasparotti - Hopfully Brewing | Filipe de Paula and Luciana de Paula - Zapata Cervejaria Rural

Mediation: Carolina Oda

We are a family owned and operated business.
Round Table Revista da Cerveja
 Post Covid-19 Market Trends - by Revista da Cerveja
Fabrício Scalco, director of Revista da Cerveja will mediate a chat about Market Trends after covid with 3 other participants.
We are a family owned and operated business.

Participants: Eduardo Bier - Cervejaria Dado Bier | Almir Dopazo - Baviera Boutique Bar | Rafael Mattes - Agrária Malte

Mediation: Fabrício Scalco

Soon more speakers from track 01
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Track 02: Beer Styles, Service and Food Pairing

06 and 10 December

The purpose of this trail is to explore the possibilities of beer and its impact on the senses. The second track was designed for an immersion of knowledge of beer sommeliers and for lovers of harmonization, styles, aromas and flavors.

On weekends: from 3 pm to 10 pm (CET). Monday to Friday: from 6 pm to 10 pm (CET).

All sessions will be recorded in advance. 

Ron Pattinson
Lecture: Scottish beers in a historical context
Renowned beer writer and historian, member of the British Guild od Beer Writers, working with original documents. Refuting little researched myths and statements. Author of several books and the blog
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Dr. Aline Bortoletto
Lecture: Aging of Beers
Researcher at the Beverage Technology and Quality Laboratory (USP / ESALQ). Food Scientist, Master and Doctor in Food Science and Technology, from ESALQ-USP with an emphasis on Beverage Technology. He has specialization in Alcohol production, Sensory analysis, Cognitive psychology and Aromatic compounds, at the Université de Bourgogne and AGROSUP Dijon, France.
Carolina Oda
Lecture: Do you know what is good?
Gastronomer, consultant and teacher specialized in drinks, care and hospitality management and ambassador of the event Bar Convent São Paulo, originally from Berlin, Germany.
Chema Mora
Lecture: Harmonization within the Cicerone Program
Engineer by training and business development manager at for Europe and Latin America since 2017. International judge and entrepreneur in the beer market
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Jaime Zuluaga
Lecture: Beers Pastry Beers, Love or Hate!
One of the owners and master brewer of Costa Rica Beer Factory inc, where he also works as a creative and operations director for the group.
Steve Parr
Lecture: The rise of American IPA.
Export Development Program Manager at Brewers Association
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Dick Cantwell
Lecture: Courage! Developing a type of beer using just about everything!
Dick Cantwell is among the most respected and experienced craft brewers, co-founding the Elysian Brewing Company in 1996, where he served as chief brewer until 2015. Author of Barley Wine with Fal Allen (Brewers Publications, 1998), The Brewers Association's Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery, 2nd edition (Brewers Publications, 2013) and Wood & Beer: A Brewer's Guide (Brewers Publications, 2016) with Peter Bouckaert.
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Sara Araújo and Lourence Alves
Lecture: Harmonized dialogue with Lima Barreto, Carolina Maria de Jesus and Conceição Evaristo
Sara is Sommelière de Cervejas, responsible for the “Negra Cervejas Sommelier” page on Instagram, an academic in social sciences.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Lourence Alves is PhD in Food, Nutrition and Health, Historian, Gastronomer and cook. She is a researcher on Food, African religions, intersectionalities and Afro-Brazilianities. Professor of Gastronomy and Nutrition.
Daughter of Iemanjá, poet, writer and mother of Carolina Maria.
Rudi Ghequire
The history of mixed fermentation through the eyes of Rodenbach
Rudi Ghequire is a living legend. Rodenbach's master brewer, Rudi has been dedicated to the brewery synonymous with Flemish Red Ale since 1982. He is also responsible for creating the "Best sour beer in the world" of 2018.
Dr. Thomas Tyrell
Lecture: Berliner Weisse - historical style and new approaches
Biotechnology Engineer and Master Brewer with a stint at Stone and Brewdog in Berlin, currently acting as a consultant at BevConsult and founder of TYRELL BrauKunstAtelier. 
Lecture recorded with translation to Portuguese
Sep Roggeman
Lecture: The Lambics mystery

biochemist and industrial engineer specializing in malt and beer graduated from the University of KU Leuven in Ghent.

Quality and production manager at the Belgian brewery Lindemans, a scholar on the lambic manufacturing, fermentation and maturation process and also a professor at the Lambic Academy in Brussels.

We are a family owned and operated business.
Lecture recorded with Portuguese translation
Alain de Laet
Lecture: The Belgium Beer culture

CEO and owner of Brouwerij Huyghe, a brewery with a century-old history, whose flagship beer is Delirium Tremens.

Lecture recorded with Portuguese translation